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“Let us help you by doing research ahead of requesting a survey. We are not just surveyors but licensed Naval Architects and Brokers with a wealth of knowledge in the marine industry that will help you understand what you are buying and your future potential risks and rewards.”

Our surveyors have experience with thousands of boats and may be able to offer advice and ideas to help better direct you to a vessel that could fit your needs more perfectly. Our specialized geographic location is the Caribbean. Don’t ask us to come to Alaska and give you advice or provide a survey; we only stick to what we know best.

Our advice and recommendations come from years of owning, maintaining and surveying personal and commercial vessels. Each boat and potential owner presents their own unique situation.  Although, we do offer advice and recommendations, ultimately the decision is yours on the purchase of your vessel.  Our goal is to provide our years of experience (that we sometimes had to learn the hard way) and make sure that you know some of the potential risks and rewards of any vessel you may be considering.



We at Nautical Consulting charge by the hour because each boat and situation are unique and we want the job done right.

If you think you’re getting a survey “only for insurance purposes” this is the most important reason to survey. A survey will tell you what you don’t see at the surface. We will dive deeper into the boat and it’s mechanics and systems.  The goal of a survey is to help you understand the needs of the vessel in an efforto to help you minimize risk and any potential loss as a boat owner. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge of your boat including repairs to keep friends, family, other boaters and yourself safe. You want our surveyors to spot any deficiencies with the boat. Surveyors need to be able to stand behind their work (possibly even in the courtroom), and doing a “light” survey doesn’t help anyone. Most surveyors have a set fee based on the size and type of boat, the type of survey, travel costs, and so on. As stated above, our rates are hourly  plus travel costs to ensure we are able to put the care and time to provide a thorough survey. We will have different hourly rates depending on the type of survey you request and services such as virtual walk thrus, drone footage and video reporting.


Our Surveyors Work For You

You’ll be paying the bill, so it’s important that you understand that the surveyor reports only to you. We do not share our findings with anyone else unless you specifically request it. If you have a broker acting as your buyer’s agent, then you may ask that the surveyor send a copy of the survey to the agent as it makes your broker’s job easier if he’s asking for things to be addressed. Keep in mind that a survey is only good for a specific time because it’s really a snapshot of what the boat was like on a specific day. Old surveys should not be relied upon.

Make Sure The Boat Is Prepared

If you are asking our surveyors to come to your boat to perform an insurance survey, make sure that the surveyor has access and you have addressed minimal repairs as to keep our survey costs and time needed to write the reports. Be aware that we will empty lockers, move heavy anchors, bags of sails and boxes of spare parts but the they may not get placed back where they need to. Our surveyor needs to look at the mechanical parts of the boat and it causes delays to have to move tons of stuff out of the way. If in doubt, ask our surveyor what he needs before he arrives. He won’t expect everything to be off the boat, but he will appreciate reasonable access.



A Sea Trial Is Not A Boat Ride

The purpose of a sea trial is to check the boat’s systems, engines, generators, electronics and other parts that cannot be inspected while the boat is not under commission or is “on the hard.” The surveyor will need to pay close attention to the engines, helm, systems and how the boat handles. To get the most from a sea trial, leave the kids, dogs, and family at home. Too many folks on the boat makes it difficult for our surveyors to do the job properly.

Our Surveyors Will Talk Things Over With You

Our surveyors are happy to talk to you about the survey process, especially if this is your first time employing our surveyors. They will also answer questions after the survey, so don’t be scared to call them up if you see something in a survey report that you don’t understand. Surveyors are on boats every day, but owners and buyers may not always understand some of the technical terms.

Create a Connection With Us.

Our surveyors want to build solid relationships with you as the client, because their reputations are at stake. We are not just a surveying company and we want to be called when you have new services needed and we have completed the orginal requests. We are a Caribbean based businesses and want you to call when you need anything marine related service that we provide and also to recommend us to friends and family.

If you have a problem with our survey (or a surveyor) don’t hesitate to bring it up.

Communication is the key to our business!

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